Discover how to transform the way you procure, contract and manage services delivered through a statement of work.


Explore the future of services procurement

C-suite SoW consultancy

Align your procurement strategy with best practices, the latest technologies and future-proof your organisation for the new way of getting work done. 
C-suite SoW consultancy C-suite SoW consultancy

Hands-on, immersive workshops

Working with an experienced team of services procurement professionals, you will learn from real-world use cases how to deliver real performance with a modern services procurement program.
Hands-on, immersive workshops Hands-on, immersive workshops

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The impact of procurement's digital transformation

Exploring the trends in technology, user experience and leadership and their impact on procurement's digital transformation.

The impact of procurement's digital transformation


Adoption of services procurement or statement of work as part of broader contingent workforce programs and the approaches taken by MSPs in delivering these services.

MSPs delivering services procurement and contingent workforce programs

Exploring the practical lessons from the journey from an integrated suite to best of breed technology.

Integrated suites to best-of-breed: The evolution of procurement tech