Intro to Zivio's Milestone Product Feature

As shown in our guide to Milestones, they are an important tool for successfully managing and delivering work through Statement of Work contracts, controlling delivery, direction and budget.

Here is short introductory video on how to use Zivio's Milestone functionality to improve the performance of your SoW contracts.
Video Transcript:

A key way to manage process and performance during statement of work engagements is by using milestones.

A milestone is a landmark moment in a statement of work that/must be achieved before moving on to the next step or phase.

Our platform allows you to define milestones during project creation or work order creation.

Set your milestone budgets and due dates and collaborate with your suppliers to ensure that work is delivered on time and to budget.

Manage the milestone review and approval process in-system, exchange messages and files, and finally, associate an invoice with completed milestones.

To learn more about Zivio's flexible milestone functionality get in touch to arrange a demo.

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