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Evaluate the digital maturity of your services procurement

How digitally mature is your services procurement? Use this tool to evaluate your setup and capability.

Posted by: ZivioReading time: 1 minute

Are you using digital tools and technology effectively to maximise the return on your services spend?

How big is your organisation?

How much do you spend annually on services?

What process or platform are you using to manage your services spend?

What level of visibilty do you have into your services spend?

How much of your services procurement and delivery process is automated?

How well does your solution fit to your organisation's services spend needs?

Level of digital maturity


Your responses suggest you're leaving a lot of value on the table. Surprisingly, we've found that most organisations, even those spending hundreds of millions on services, SoW and consultancy, are either trying to use technology that is not fit for purpose or simply relying on spreadsheets, manual effort and a lack of real scrutiny on outcomes.


Your responses suggest that you could benefit by using a best-of-breed services spend solution. Leveraging the automation and intelligence of a purpose-built solution could help you to improve cost reductions, supplier performance management and the efficiency of your services procurement team. Greater control, automation and insights would give you more of a seat at the boardroom table - particularly as costs come under scrutiny in the current economic climate.


Your responses suggest that you're already managing your services spend effectively. Could you benefit from using AI to deliver deeper insights into your supplier's performance? Zivio's SPX real-time supplier performance insight could help you to simplify ROI measurement and scale supplier performance management.

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