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How do HR, Procurement and Operations align in outcome-based workforce models?

Exploring the factors influencing who is responsible for the management of outcome-based work.

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Outcome-based work Podcasts
How will Covid-19, Brexit & IR35 impact the world of work?

Watch the full, unedited, discussion on how the convergence of Covid-19, Brexit and IR35 impacts the world of work.

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Transforming process Podcasts
IR35, SoW & Outcome-based projects Transforming your business processes

Watch the full, unedited, fascinating chat with James, reflecting on 17 years in the recruitment industry.

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Future of work Insights
Is the future of work outcome based?

As technology, society and business continues to change and evolve, is the future of work going to be increasingly focused on outcome-based engagements?

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IR35 Insights
Are Statement of Work contracts a solution for IR35?

Statement of work contracts are not a fix, dodge or magic solution to IR35 but they are a hugely valuable option when dealing with the issues caused by it.

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COVID-19 Insights
Outcome based delivery crucial for getting things done in the post COVID-19 world

Find out how the Coronavirus epidemic has undoubtedly changed the way businesses operate forever.

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IR35 Insights
Don’t let IR35 slow you down: The scalable solution for getting work done

Amidst the IR35 confusion and upheaval, how are you answering the biggest question facing your business - How are you going to get work done?

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SoW Management Insights
How to use SOW engagements to get work done differently

Using statements of work (SOW) engagements with a network of smaller suppliers and service providers to get things done differently is an exciting alternative work delivery model

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De-risking longtail services supply chain

How to use technology to manage the risk of outsourcing to a diverse, longtail network of suppliers and consultants.

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Pushing for services procurement automation

Why professional services category managers should push for automating their roles and responsibilities.

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The business case for best-of-breed SoW management software

Understand the operational and commercial advantages of best-of-breed SoW management software when building your business case.

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