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Measuring procurement on value added instead of cost reduction

Data is what can facilitate procurement's move to measuring value rather than cost savings

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MSPs Podcasts
The role of the MSP in Services Procurement

How MSP can add value in services procurement, triaging requirements and managing SoW

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Intangibles Insights
Making the intangibles of services procurement tangible

Much of what happens in the procurement of services is intangible – so how do you make it something you can get a grip on?

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Managing risk Insights
De-risking longtail services supply chain

How to use technology to manage the risk of outsourcing to a diverse, longtail network of suppliers and consultants.

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Neural Supply Chains Insights
Can Neural Supply Chain Management Benefit Services Procurement?

By connecting and sharing intelligence across the 'neural' supply chain, an organisation can be more dynamic and responsive to market forces. But can services procurement benefit?

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Digital maturity Tools
Evaluate the digital maturity of your services procurement

How digitally mature is your services procurement? Use this tool to evaluate your setup and capability.

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Supplier performance Insights
All suppliers are not created equal

Learn how technology can scale a detailed and nuanced understanding of supplier performance for lean procurement teams.

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Automation Insights
Automated Supplier Onboarding

How to use automated processes to benefit from faster, simpler, onboarding of professional service providers and consultancies

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Services Procurement and Statement of Work in the context of Workforce Engagement

Exploring the 6 steps to delivering workforce engagement and the impact of SoW.

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Communicating procurement's value for better relationships, results and business impact

A journey around the world of services procurement looking at communication, decision making and important relationships

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A negotiator's perspective on services procurement

Structuring, preparing and delivering successful services procurement programmes

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