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How do HR, Procurement and Operations align in outcome-based workforce models?

Exploring the factors influencing who is responsible for the management of outcome-based work.

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Outcome-based work Podcasts
How will Covid-19, Brexit & IR35 impact the world of work?

Watch the full, unedited, discussion on how the convergence of Covid-19, Brexit and IR35 impacts the world of work.

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Transforming process Podcasts
IR35, SoW & Outcome-based projects Transforming your business processes

Watch the full, unedited, fascinating chat with James, reflecting on 17 years in the recruitment industry.

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Addressability of spend Insights
Increasing Addressability of Services Spend

Discover how to increase addressable services spend by leveraging technology's capacity for granular control of spend under management.

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Measuring ROI Insights
Get Real - Understand the real value of your professional services & consultancy spend

To truly understand the impact of your professional services spend, first you have to work with real information.

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Proactivity Insights
Making proactive professional services tailspend management a reality

Proactive management of professional services tailspend is an opportunity for significant cost savings. Find out how software enables it.

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Enabling innovation Insights
Enabling professional services procurement to innovate as well as control cost

In today's dynamic business environment, professional services procurement must enable innovation as well as control costs.

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Longtail SoW Insights
Improving Long Tail SoW Supplier Performance Management

Learn about the significant benefits of applying supply chain best practices to managing the performance of your long tail of SoW suppliers

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Services Procurement and Statement of Work in the context of Workforce Engagement

Exploring the 6 steps to delivering workforce engagement and the impact of SoW.

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Communicating procurement's value for better relationships, results and business impact

A journey around the world of services procurement looking at communication, decision making and important relationships

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Measuring procurement on value added instead of cost reduction

Data is what can facilitate procurement's move to measuring value rather than cost savings

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