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De-risking longtail services supply chain

How to use technology to manage the risk of outsourcing to a diverse, longtail network of suppliers and consultants.

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APSCo OutSource Podcasts
Collaboration and best practice in outsourcing

How APSCo OutSource are looking to foster collaboration, discussion and best-practice in outsourcing to benefit both buyer and supplier.

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Neural Supply Chains Insights
Can Neural Supply Chain Management Benefit Services Procurement?

By connecting and sharing intelligence across the 'neural' supply chain, an organisation can be more dynamic and responsive to market forces. But can services procurement benefit?

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Supplier performance Insights
All suppliers are not created equal

Learn how technology can scale a detailed and nuanced understanding of supplier performance for lean procurement teams.

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Automation Insights
Automated Supplier Onboarding

How to use automated processes to benefit from faster, simpler, onboarding of professional service providers and consultancies

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Automation Insights
AI Powering Professional Services Procurement Insights

Unlock strategic business value through procurement with AI-powered real time, end to end reporting.

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Tailspend SoW Insights
How to engage a large network of tailspend SOW suppliers

Learn how to understand, segment and nurture relationships with a large network of suppliers using a tailspend SOW platform

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Pushing for services procurement automation

Why professional services category managers should push for automating their roles and responsibilities.

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The business case for best-of-breed SoW management software

Understand the operational and commercial advantages of best-of-breed SoW management software when building your business case.

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Ensuring statement of work happens in practice

How do organisations ensure outcome-based projects governed by an SoW don't become disguised time + materials work?

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