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Engagement Podcasts
Services Procurement and Statement of Work in the context of Workforce Engagement

Exploring the 6 steps to delivering workforce engagement and the impact of SoW.

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Communication Podcasts
Communicating procurement's value for better relationships, results and business impact

A journey around the world of services procurement looking at communication, decision making and important relationships

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Value added Insights
Measuring procurement on value added instead of cost reduction

Data is what can facilitate procurement's move to measuring value rather than cost savings

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Negotiation Podcasts
A negotiator's perspective on services procurement

Structuring, preparing and delivering successful services procurement programmes

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MSPs Podcasts
The role of the MSP in Services Procurement

How MSP can add value in services procurement, triaging requirements and managing SoW

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Brand Insights
Brand Purpose in the Services Supply Chain

What a brand stands for is already critically important for customers and employees, but its role in the services supply chain is an emerging consideration for procurement teams.

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Data Podcasts
The power of good, clean data in services procurement

Highlighting the importance of addressing dirty data in services procurement

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People vs Task Podcasts
Statement of Work, IR35 and the People vs Task conundrum

How the shifting balance between people and task that's happening in the global workforce impacts people, HR and business culture

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IR35 Podcasts
HR's response to regulatory changes like IR35

Exploring the movement to outcome-based work, spurred on by government legislation

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IR35 Podcasts
A procurement perspective on IR35

Understanding the shift toward an outcome-based procurement mindset required to ensure IR35 compliance

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