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Work design Podcasts
Redesigning the way work works

Talentsumers, Work Design Architects and adapting to the exponential pace of change

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Outcome-based modals Podcasts
How do HR, Procurement and Operations align in outcome-based workforce models?

Exploring the factors influencing who is responsible for the management of outcome-based work.

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Outcome-based for SME recruiters Podcasts
Robust outcome-based service models for SME Recruiters

Dispelling the myths around SoW delivery and pivoting from transactional recruitment to outcome-based services

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Outcome-based work Podcasts
How will Covid-19, Brexit & IR35 impact the world of work?

Watch the full, unedited, discussion on how the convergence of Covid-19, Brexit and IR35 impacts the world of work.

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Transforming process Podcasts
IR35, SoW & Outcome-based projects Transforming your business processes

Watch the full, unedited, fascinating chat with James, reflecting on 17 years in the recruitment industry.

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Technology's role Podcasts
The importance of technology in consultancy and SoW services spend management

Learn how technology plays a fundamental role in the effectiveness of an organisation's consultancy and SoW services spend management.

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