Designed for Finance

Get full visibility of your professional services and consultancy spend. With complete control on cost, value and operational efficiency.

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Designed for Finance

Services spend management for forward-thinking CFOs

Built from the ground-up to enable CFOs to make strategic decisions around their services spend. Transform your services procurement and reduce cost, optimise performance and deliver real value.

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Real time. Real insight. Real decisions

Powered by SPX®
Maximise the effectiveness of your services spend through bespoke, configurable dashboards and reports.

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Enterprise class performance. Consumer grade experience

Easy-to-use features simplify every part of your workflow. Improve your operational efficiency and scale your finance team's ability to impact performance through automation and flexible integrations.

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Reduce costs

Understand what you’re spending - where, why and how.  Make better strategic decisions on how to improve financial results.
Reduce costs Reduce costs

Minimise risk

Minimise the risk of misclassified spend in your services procurement tail spend. With complete visibility of your services procurement supply chain, you can reduce the risk of IR35 non-compliance.
Minimise risk Minimise risk

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