Designed for Finance

Get full visibility of your complex services categories spend. With complete control on cost, value and operational efficiency.

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Designed for Finance

Why Zivio?

Built from the ground-up to enable CFOs and finance teams to make strategic decisions around their spend in complex services categories like marketing, consultancy, IT and legal.

Drive 20% bottom-line cost savings

Achieve contract compliance improvements across complex services categories, whilst improving efficiency, visibility and control.

Streamline & simplify your systems

Zivio can be standalone or embedded within your organisation's wider tech stack, combining an easy-to-use, consumer style interface with enterprise capabilities and class-leading security standards.

Improve your processes with AI & automation

Reduce the amount of time you spend on manual, repetitive tasks using Zivio's AI-powered workflows. Free up time and resources for your people to add value on strategic projects.

Reduce costs through better supplier relationships

Reduce costly scope-creep and overruns

Detailed control of work orders, milestones and change requests ensure all projects are managed tightly to avoid unplanned spend.

Negotiate better deals with suppliers

Deep insight into suppliers delivery peformance, contract compliance, and win-ratio puts you in control when negotiating.

Improve strategic supplier relationships

Machine-learning allows you to identify your best performing suppliers, enabling you to improve cost-efficiency by consistently matching the right supplier with the right projects.

Reduce costs through better supplier relationships icon

Increase your ability to add strategic value

Use best of breed software

Maximising the cost-saving opportunities in complex services categories needs dedicated software. Empower your team with smart workflows rather than blank spreadsheets. 

Integrate and harmonise spend data

Seamless integration into your business' finance systems saves you time and effort to create end-to-end visibility of financial data.

Real-time reporting for optimal results

Bespoke charts, dashboards and notifications can help you report on performance in real-time.

Increase your ability to add strategic value icon

Improve your operational efficiency

Keep financial documentation up-to-date

Ensuring compliance with financial standards is no longer a manual task. Automated reminders help keep documentation up-to-date and accessible.

Improve stakeholder collaboration

E-signatures, approvals, messaging and file sharing happens in one place, improving how you get work done together.

Create value at scale

With smart-workflows and AI-assistants, Zivio allows you to increase the scope of your ability to add value by reducing time-heavy or repetitive tasks.

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SaaS for Services Procurement

Zivio® is a best-of-breed SaaS platform combining an easy to use, consumer-style interface with AI-powered capability and class-leading functionality built for enterprises.

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SaaS for Services Procurement


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MSPs delivering services procurement and contingent workforce programs


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