Designed for Operations

Make it easier to start, manage and measure projects in complex services categories. With complete control on cost, value and operational efficiency.

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Designed for Operations

Why Zivio?

Built from the ground-up to enable project teams to make strategic decisions around their spend in complex services categories like IT, marketing, consultancy and legal.

Drive 20% bottom-line cost savings

Making it easier to work with your procurement teams to drive lower project costs.

Streamline & simplify your project processes

An easy-to-use, consumer style interface with automated self-service workflows makes it easier for you to create and manage complex projects.

Improve your processes with AI & automation

Reduce the amount of time you spend on manual, repetitive tasks using Zivio's AI-powered workflows. Free up time and resources for your people to add value on strategic projects.

Get more projects started in the right way

AI powered scope creation

No more blank project briefing templates! ScopeIQ, our AI-powered assistant will help shape your project scope with just a few sentences about your project.

Collaborative project definition

During tending, you can work with suppliers to shape and define the work required to deliver your desired outcome.

Intuitive RFx process

Mini-competitions, direct-awards and response scoring and evaluation is simple for both you and your suppliers.

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Deliver on time and on budget

Manage costs through flexible milestones

Schedule and cost the project to fit to your needs. Sprints, deliverables and outcomes are all supported through flexible milestones and you can control how payments are released upon completion.

Handle change requests with confidence

Changing scope during your project is easy. Every change request is fully auditable and controllable through an approval process to fit your organisation or team structure.

Approvals without chasing signatures

E-signature integration enables you to get the approvals you need quickly, with approvals configurable to project type, scope or budget thresholds.

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Collaborate with the best suppliers

Understand supplier capability

To help you find the right supplier for your exact requirements, detailed supplier profiles include skills, experiences, awards, endorsements and ratings.

Track everything in your project workspace

At all stages of the project, a collaboration project workspace enables you to exchange messages, documents and project status updates.

Deepen relationships with high-performing suppliers

Real-time supplier and project performance reports and notifications help you to keep your projects on time and on budget.

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SaaS for Services Procurement

Zivio® is a best-of-breed SaaS platform combining an easy to use, consumer-style interface with AI-powered capability and class-leading functionality built for enterprises.

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SaaS for Services Procurement


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