Optimise supplier performance

Gain complete visibility of your services supply chain. Measure, benchmark and optimise your supplier performance right down into the long-tail.

Optimise supplier performance

Build deeper relationships

Comprehensive profiles managed by your suppliers enables you to gain a deep understanding of your supply chain. Look for opportunities to create closer alignment on values, innovation and accountability.
Build deeper relationships Build deeper relationships

Measure and benchmark

Easily compare supplier performance across multiple categories, regions or types of engagement. Discover your future strategic partners who may already be in the long tail of your supplier database.
Measure and benchmark Measure and benchmark

Operational efficiency

Spend more time on adding strategic value and delivering results. Use AI-powered insights and automated workflows to reduce the time you're spending on manual, administrative tasks.
Operational efficiency Operational efficiency

Product Highlights

Explore some of the best-in-class functionality in Zivio to help you improve your supplier performance management.

Compliance and Governance

Automate the day-to-day compliance and governance tasks to ensure procurement teams can focus on working with suppliers, frameworks and delivering outcomes.

Learn more about compliant onboarding

Compliance and Governance Compliance and Governance

Streamlined RFI and Project award

Find the best supplier, at the best price, for every project. Use powerful automated RFx workflows to distribute, receive and score supplier responses.

Learn more about RFI processes

Streamlined RFI and Project award Streamlined RFI and Project award

Supply chain management

Customisable performance management tools enable you to build supply chain management programs around topics like diversity, sustainability and innovation.

Learn more about supplier performance

Supply chain management Supply chain management

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