Autonomous sourcing for indirect spend

Make it easier to source, manage and measure your indirect spend. With complete control on cost, value and operational efficiency.

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Autonomous sourcing for indirect spend

Why Zivio?

Built from the ground-up to enable procurement teams to deliver real ROI on their indirect spend, whilst increasing capacity and efficiency.

Transform your services procurement capability and deliver cost savings, better contract compliance and better value for your stakeholders.

Drive 20% bottom-line cost savings

Achieve bottom-line cost savings across your indirect spend, whilst improving efficiency, visibility and control.

Streamline & simplify your procurement toolkit

Zivio can be standalone or embedded within your existing procurement tech stack. The SaaS platform Combine an easy-to-use, consumer style interface with enterprise capabilities and class-leading security standards.

Improve your processes with AI & automation

Reduce the amount of time you spend on manual, repetitive tasks using Zivio's AI-powered workflows. Free up time and resources for your people to add value on strategic projects.

Reduce the cost of complex services categories

Start every project the right way

AI-powered project scoping allows you and your stakeholders to create your project scope quickly and easily using a few simple prompts.

Simplify the RFx process

Automated processes make running mini-competitions much simpler. And with customisable evalatuon criteria, you can ensure you are contributing to your organisation's wider strategic goals around diversity  and sustainability.

Increase spend under management

Intuitive workflows, automations and a consolidated view of all complex services categories, enable you to bring procurement best-practice to more projects.

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Improve contract compliance

Track and control milestones

From scoping to delivery, you have full visibility of every project down to the milestone level along with complete control of releasing payments for completion. 

Reduce scope creep

Change requests and variation orders go through the same auditable process, enabling you to keep control of the project, even if its scope changes.

Improve supplier performance

Qualitative and quantitative metrics on each project and supplier provide valuable insights for improving supplier performance.

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Add more strategic value

Spend less time doing manual work

Convenient features including project templates, automated reminders and e-signatures help you free up more time for strategic projects. 

Encourage innovation

With time to think, you can help support your stakeholder and strategic suppliers to explore ways to think about new ideas and innovative solutions.

Align procurement strategy to the business' goals

Rich supplier and project performance data enables you to build a procurement strategy that supports the overarching capability and capicity goals of the business.

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SaaS for Services Procurement

Zivio® is a best-of-breed SaaS platform combining an easy to use, consumer-style interface with AI-powered capability and class-leading functionality built for enterprises.

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SaaS for Services Procurement


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