Get a better return on your services spend

Get complete control over the cost of your services spend. And gain deep insight into your ROI.

Get a better return on your services spend

Enhance visibility

Capture your entire professional services and consultancy spend in one point of truth. Fully tracking and audit trail on the entire process, along with intuitive reporting dashboards and data integrations.
Enhance visibility Enhance visibility

Measure your outcomes

Combine both qualitative and quantitative performance metrics for a better understanding of the return on your services spend.
Measure your outcomes Measure your outcomes

Granular insights

Drill down into your performance data to the milestone level and leverage AI-powered insights into make better strategic decisions.
Granular insights Granular insights

Product Highlights

Explore some of the best-in-class functionality in Zivio to help you reduce the cost of your services spend.


Automate the day-to-day transactional tasks to ensure procurement teams can focus on adding strategic value. Scale services procurement programs to increase addressability of spend.

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Automate Automate

AI-powered SPX® rating

Instantly combine, evaluate and compare 100s of supplier performance signals, to have an easy-to-understand measure of supplier value.

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AI-powered SPX® rating AI-powered SPX® rating

Customisable reporting

Benchmark performance against the metrics that matter to your business, with fully customisable reports and dashboards.

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Customisable reporting Customisable reporting

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Obstacles, evolution and opportunities in Services Procurement MSP

Exploring the evolution of services procurement, shifting to value, new mindsets, cultures and different strategies.

Obstacles, evolution and opportunities in Services Procurement MSP


Understanding the factors affecting where we are on the market maturity curve of services procurement spend management.

Exploring the market maturity of services procurement spend management

Discussing the nuances and intricacies of statement of work and services procurement.

SoW vs. the supply of labour – clear lines and grey areas