Simplicity for complex services categories

Zivio helps you deliver savings on complex services categories through improved efficiency, visibility and control of contract compliance.

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Simplicity for complex services categories
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Seize the $ billion services spend opportunity

$20tn is spent on complex services every year but 60-90% is poorly managed - $billions in lost savings, wasted time and additional supply risk.

How are you seizing the opportunity to transform how you procure complex services?
Seize the $ billion services spend opportunity

SaaS for Services Procurement

AI-powered project scoping gets every project started in the right way. Machine learning creates real-time insights for better supplier performance management. 

Everything in between is seamless, straighforward and secure. Work orders, milestones, change requests and a whole lot more, all available in an intuitive experience built for enterprises.

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SaaS for Services Procurement


Zivio can be standalone or embedded within an organisation's wider tech stack, with integration options built to the highest security standards.

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No more long implementation processes. Zivio is enterprise-class software that's ready to go. Switch-on, plug-in and you're set.

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“Zivio's platform offers PostNL great functionality and excellent features to optimize the experience - especially regarding the GDPR, where there are comprehensive controls available.”

PostNL Testimonial PostNL Testimonial

"The platform, which has absolute source-to-pay functionality, is simple to use and navigate and, when benchmarked against other options, is more agile and easier to implement. Added to this it also integrates well with connected systems."

Matrix Managed Marketplaces
Matrix Testimonial Matrix Testimonial

“Zivio delivered a solution that exceeded our requirements, and it was flexible and scalable enough to fit in with our existing internal systems and processes”

Reed Consultancy+
Consultancy Plus Testimonial Consultancy Plus Testimonial

“We're proud to be working with Zivio. It helps us deliver milestones, projects and outcomes as part of our statement of work service. Working with a best of breed platform like Zivio ensures full visibility and control for the end-to-end process and helps us make sure everyone has peace of mind.”

CPL Testimonial CPL Testimonial
"These are the up-and-comers: solution providers who continue to grow and develop innovative products propelling the market forward."

Spend Matters
Spend matters


MSPs delivering services procurement and contingent workforce programs

Adoption of services procurement or statement of work as part of broader contingent workforce programs and the approaches taken by MSPs in delivering these services.

MSPs delivering services procurement and contingent workforce programs


Exploring the practical lessons from the journey from an integrated suite to best of breed technology.

Integrated suites to best-of-breed: The evolution of procurement tech

Learnings from outsourcing the management of services procurement to managed service providers.

Exploring The Strategic Potential of Outsourced Services Procurement