Statement of work spend management designed for MSPs

Offer your clients end-to-end statement of work management for services procurement MSP programmes, with complete visibility and control through a modern, branded SaaS platform.

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Why Zivio?

Zivio enables you to provide a white-labelled procurement-as-a-service to your clients, complete with configurable workflows designed for nuanced SOW management.

Multi-tenant capability

The only SOW management solution that enables you to offer SOW management for multiple clients through a secure, intuitive interface.

Low risk, low cost, fast start

Now you can provide a standardised service for your clients’ SOW requirements without the need for complicated VMS development. Zivio works for MSPs out of the box, with no major IT hurdles for you or your clients.

Improve efficiency at any project size

AI-powered workflow automation enables even the leanest of teams to deliver results through improved visibility and control on projects of any size or complexity. 

Instant end-to-end SOW management capability for MSPs

From AI-powered chat to help you with generating work orders to machine learning providing real-time reporting, Zivio supercharges SOW management.
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Supplier onboarding & risk

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RFP & selection process

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SoW Capture

Milestones & service delivery icon

Milestones & service delivery

Invoicing & reporting icon

Invoicing & payment

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Supplier performance management

Best of breed MSP solution for managing a services procurement offering

Better than a VMS

You will no longer have to force your SOW management processes into a VMS designed for contingent workforce. Zivio is a dedicated and specialised services procurement platform.

Easier to use

Automated workflows built for the end-to-end SOW management process enables you, your clients and their suppliers to do more work and less admin. 

Single or multi-tenant capability

Single, client-specific, customisation and multi-client scale and efficiency. You can support both with the ability to fully manage configuration, permissions and end-to-end workflows.

Best of breed MSP solution for managing a services procurement offering icon

Immediately deliver a modern, credible SaaS experience for your clients

Fully branded

With white-label branding throughout the platform, interfaces, and reports, Zivio provides an intuitive portal for your clients and suppliers.

Innovation enhances your client’s experience

AI-powered project scoping, real-time reporting, performance optimisation through machine-learning, supplier management and smart tendering – Zivio’s advanced feature set keeps you and your clients ahead of the curve.

Remove IT roadblocks

With no end-client system cost, you can quickly remove IT dependencies and complications. Zivio’s SaaS platform is quick to setup whether you’re offering SOW management to one client or dozens. 

Immediately deliver a modern, credible SaaS experience for your clients icon

Single or multi-client options. One flexible platform

You can choose from two implementation options to best fit your service delivery model. Both options are suitable for managing all levels of spend and can support SOW management programs of any maturity.
Single or multi-client options. One flexible platform

Single client

For supporting custom client workflows and specific technology integrations. Enables you to deliver tailored services with a focus on providing visibility and cost control. 


For supporting SOW management programs at scale. Enables you to deliver a white-labelled SOW solution to multiple clients through a single interface.

SOW management designed for MSPs

Zivio® is a best-of-breed SaaS platform combining an easy to use, consumer-style interface with AI-powered capability and class-leading functionality built for MSPs.

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SOW management designed for MSPs

"The platform, which has absolute source-to-pay functionality, is simple to use and navigate and, when benchmarked against other options, is more agile and easier to implement. Added to this it also integrates well with connected systems."

Matrix Managed Marketplaces
Matrix Testimonial Matrix Testimonial

“We're proud to be working with Zivio. It helps us deliver milestones, projects and outcomes as part of our statement of work service. Working with a best of breed platform like Zivio ensures full visibility and control for the end-to-end process and helps us make sure everyone has peace of mind.”

CPL Testimonial CPL Testimonial

“Zivio delivered a solution that exceeded our requirements, and it was flexible and scalable enough to fit in with our existing internal systems and processes”

Reed Consultancy+
Consultancy Plus Testimonial Consultancy Plus Testimonial
"We are delighted to announce Zivio to our growing list of APSCo OutSource Trusted Partners."

APSCo Outsource


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