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Document management Videos
Intro to Document Management

Improve control over your SoW management with automated, intelligent document management.

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Outcome-based for SME recruiters Podcasts
Robust outcome-based service models for SME Recruiters

Dispelling the myths around SoW delivery and pivoting from transactional recruitment to outcome-based services

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Outcome-based work Podcasts
How will Covid-19, Brexit & IR35 impact the world of work?

Watch the full, unedited, discussion on how the convergence of Covid-19, Brexit and IR35 impacts the world of work.

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Transforming process Podcasts
IR35, SoW & Outcome-based projects Transforming your business processes

Watch the full, unedited, fascinating chat with James, reflecting on 17 years in the recruitment industry.

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Benchmarking report Whitepapers
Services procurement benchmarking report 2020 - 2021

Download a copy of the Zivio Services Procurement Benchmarking Report 2020-2021

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Neural Supply Chains Insights
Can Neural Supply Chain Management Benefit Services Procurement?

By connecting and sharing intelligence across the 'neural' supply chain, an organisation can be more dynamic and responsive to market forces. But can services procurement benefit?

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Digital maturity Tools
Evaluate the digital maturity of your services procurement

How digitally mature is your services procurement? Use this tool to evaluate your setup and capability.

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Future of work Insights
Is the future of work outcome based?

As technology, society and business continues to change and evolve, is the future of work going to be increasingly focused on outcome-based engagements?

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Addressability of spend Insights
Increasing Addressability of Services Spend

Discover how to increase addressable services spend by leveraging technology's capacity for granular control of spend under management.

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Supplier performance Insights
All suppliers are not created equal

Learn how technology can scale a detailed and nuanced understanding of supplier performance for lean procurement teams.

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