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Business case Insight
The business case for best-of-breed SoW management software

Understand the operational and commercial advantages of best-of-breed SoW management software when building your business case.

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Practicing SoW Insight
Ensuring statement of work happens in practice

How do organisations ensure outcome-based projects governed by an SoW don't become disguised time + materials work?

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Procurious Podcasts
What makes services procurement different?

The unique challenges in services procurement and how best to create an opportunity for services procurement to add strategic value.

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APSCo OutSource Podcasts
Collaboration and best practice in outsourcing

How APSCo OutSource are looking to foster collaboration, discussion and best-practice in outsourcing to benefit both buyer and supplier.

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Product feature Videos
Intro to Project Tracking

Simplify collaboration, document sharing and supplier communication. Manage the delivery of your projects with an intuitive messaging system and workspace.

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Product feature Videos
Intro to Variation Orders

Here is short introductory video on how you can use Zivio's Variation Orders to manage changes to the scope, budget or timing of your projects.

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Product feature Videos
Intro to Supplier Lists

Here is short introductory video on how you can use Zivio's Supplier Lists to manage your PSLs and services supply chains.

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Programmes Videos
Intro to Programmes of work

Learn how to manage multiple projects, milestones and deliverables under a single programme of work.

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Work design Podcasts
Redesigning the way work works

Talentsumers, Work Design Architects and adapting to the exponential pace of change

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Outcome-based modals Podcasts
How do HR, Procurement and Operations align in outcome-based workforce models?

Exploring the factors influencing who is responsible for the management of outcome-based work.

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